MBF: Showcase Showdown

WarioWare D.I.Y. hits the DS this week, and with it comes WarioWare, D.I.Y. Showcase for WiiWare. Featuring 72 premade microgames (different from the 90 included in the DS game…. I think,) the real focus is on using Showcase to… well, showcase microgames made with the full DS game on a larger screen, which also makes sharing creations with a group of friends in your living room a bit more sociable than huddling around a DS or handing it off from person to person. It also lets lazy bastards who don’t think they’ll ever take the time to create microgames spend 8 bucks to be able to play the ones made by friends and whatever ones Nintendo decides to make available, rather than plunk down $35 for the cartridge. Right now there’s not much to it since the DS game isn’t technically even out yet, but it should be worth the 800 points in the near future when people start making things.

But wait, there’s more!