The Mushroom Kingdom’s Least Wanted: Who Sucks More than Waluigi?

So in my Waluigi write-up I mentioned that Luigi’s evil double had passed his shit-stained crown of Worst Mario Character to not one, not two, but a variety of annoying chodes that come out of the woodwork whenever Mario announces a party or a golf outing.

Who could possibly spark my nerd rage more than the unlovable mutant hell-spawn of Wario and Luigi? Read on!

Where’s Waluigi? A Look at the Mushroom Kingdom’s Least Popular Resident

Look, it’s the teaser trailer for Mario Tennis Open!

Looks awesome, yeah? I agree. But wait, isn’t somebody missing? Hmm, no sign of Wario. Or Donkey Kong. That’s weird. Oh well, it’s just an early teaser trailer, I’m sure those guys will all be in the final game, along with a bunch of other Mushroom Kingdom superstars and superfreaks.

Hey Toad, I'm new to this game, so I'm legally obligated to inform you that I'm a registered sex offender... ;)

Including this douche, more likely than not. Sigh. The thing is, if he “belongs” in any game, it’s a sequel to the game that unfortunately spawned him. The funny thing is, after stinking up the joint for twelve years, he’s not even my least favorite “filler” character in the Mario series anymore. To be honest, I was shocked this gangly, unlovable, purple and black sack of festering chinchilla turds wasn’t featured in Mario Kart 7. Maybe even a little let down? Let’s explore the Waluigi back-lash… and the back-lash to the back-lash!

Dorkly Reveals the Weird Side of Video Games: In-Bred Yoshis, Sleazy Agents and… Waluigi

Ever wonder what Waluigi is like when he’s not playing tennis or driving a go-kart? The guys at Dorkly will make you wish you didn’t!

Video game inspired cartoons have been all over the internet for years, but the stuff at Dorkly is actually well-animated, well-acted and, you know funny. The art form of moving pixels around to tell a joke has evolved a lot since the early days of “let’s make Mario swear and have blood and boobies and stuff!”