Super Mario 3D Land

“It’s-a me! I-a need-a speech therapy!”

We all know the sound of Mario’s trademark whoo-hoos and yahoos, but if you’re anything like me you never really expected to hear Nintendo’s iconic Italian speak full sentences, let alone deliver a five-and-a-half minute monologue. But that’s exactly what he does in Nintendo’s unusual 3DS tour!

Super Mario 3D Land: This Game is Fucking Awesome.

Hey, Ho. Let's Go.

Hey, Ho. Let's Go.

Nintendo has a tendency to drive a lot of people nuts for various reasons. Be it their prehistoric approach to online gaming, lack of third party software, track record of releasing seemingly cool peripherals and then failing to support them in any way, that sort of thing. But whenever a new Mario game comes around all complaints about their bad habits seem to melt away while we, as a people and a culture are reminded exactly why this company and this series has thrived for so many years. Super Mario 3D Land is the best entry in the franchise since…you guessed it: the last one.

I Did it all for Tanooki

Pictured: Grasping at Straws

So while Ray gets to dig in to that sweet sweet Land of 3D that Super Mario is currently calling home, PeTA has unfortunately decided to continue it’s unique brand of schlocky, tasteless self-promotion, cashing in on the hype and fun surrounding the release of Super Mario 3D Land. READ MORE

Here’s a Trick For Infinite Lives in SM3D Land:

Yeah, it’s pretty blurry but that’s the best I could do. The trick is located just after the checkpoint in world 1-2, the first turtle next to the first long question block bar. Pretty awesome. Also, your lives max out at 1,110 which appears via a triple crown icon. Who knew Mario was into horse racing?

Super Mario 3D Land is Almost Here!

And there’s an official site all set up featuring an awesome new trailer! Check it out: