The Last Blade hits Wii Virtual Console yesterday!

This all appears in English in the US release, I just grabbed what looked like a decent video.

After I write this I’m submitting a proposal to change the blog title to “Yesterday’s News.”

The Virtual Console floodgates remain open this week as SNK’s OTHER Neo Geo samurai fighting game series, The Last Blade, makes an appearance, with the first game in the series now available for download at the usual 900 points/$9 American price point. I’ve played the second (and to date final) game in the series on Dreamcast, and while I am crap at fighting games it was certainly a fun (and gorgeous) one, and has a devoted group of fans among those who know what they’re talking about.

This isn’t quite the first appearance of the series on a Nintendo system: Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO on the Gamecube featured Last Blade 2‘s Hibiki as one of the selectable fighters. There was also SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter’s Clash on the DS but we don’t count that game because it was bad (or so I hear) and also a card game. If it was good and a card game then we’d probably count it but alas. It came second anyway so the point is rather moot. I’ll stop typing now.

MBF: Holy Fucking Shit, Mega Man 10 is out yesterday!

… and for all my hand-wringing, I broke down and bought it. That’s just how I am.

Hey, some other games are out, too!