Scott Pilgrim

A Quick Break From the Halloween Festivities to Address My Thoughts on The World’s End.

It doesn’t happen quite as often as I’d like, but every now and then seeing a movie for the first time can instill such an instant familiarity inside of me that I become overwhelmingly emotional. It won’t even necessarily be a dramatic scene or the overall story or anything obvious; sometimes all it takes is a particular style of lighting, specific cut or the right choice of song over the right image. Almost 100% of the time this means I’ve just been hit with a new favorite and this past week it happened again.

“Prepare to Feel the Wrath of the League of Evil Exes.”

Because as of today Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is finally available on DVD and Blu-Ray. While those of you with the cash are probably enjoying those slick new 25th anniversary Wii’s that came out over the weekend, I decided to save about $175 bucks and picked this up before work. Here’s a list of the extras that I can’t wait to tear through:


Goddamn, I Love Nerds.

Just check out this custom made box one of them slapped together in anticipation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World hitting DVD and Blu-Ray next month. The cartridge itself is a little too small to serve as a carrying case for the disc so I guess there’s just a little hinge on the back for it to snap onto. Still, that box provides one hell of a cherry on top. Hard proof that the lack of a normal sex life has no effect on creativity. Holy shit.

Click here for more pics of this thing.

Scott Pilgrim Rocks The Frickin’ World.

Holy shit this movie fucking ruled.