Punch-Out!! Lands on the 3DS eShop and I Couldn’t Care Less.

Tyson not included.

And you know why? Because this NES classic is one of my favorite games of all time and Nintendo didn’t have the goddamn decency to give it the 3D classics treatment. Let’s see, so far Excitebike, Twinbee, Xevious, Kirby’s Adventure and Urban Champion (!?) make up the entire list of games available with a fancy new coat of 3D paint. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF SHIT SELECTION IS THAT!?

Michael Jackson’s Punch-Out!!

I guess this video has been around for a while but I only stumbled across it for the first time today. Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin steps in as “Little Mac” and *ahem* “takes on” the King of Pop for a shot at the title in this Punch-Out!! parody. The guys that threw this together even went the classy route by not going for the obvious jokes and end up providing a few that are genuinely funny (MJ’s “charge up” attack and Mac’s final blow are pretty damn clever). I’d rather play this than that Michael Jackson: The Experience shit any day.

Nice job, boys.

Dear Nintendo, Sometimes I Miss My Childhood…

Here’s a blast from the past for those of you who used to collect Nintendo Power back in the day. Remember those awesome Howard and Nester comics that ran each issue? Y’know…the ones that followed the adventures of the at the time Nintendo employee Howard Phillips (supposedly the likeness used for Punch-Out!!’s Little Mac) and would be Nintendo icon Nester as they ran through a different game each month offering tips and (at least in the early entries) fantastic artwork along the way? No? Well I do and so did some other giant fuckin’ nerd because he went and built a damn website archiving every single strip, God bless ‘im.