Monday Bloody Funday

Monday Bloody Funday


On the bright side I still have the Bit. Trip games to download should I feel the urge. I played a bit of Runner finally and it’s tits.

Monday Tuesday Fundays: ANC has no discipline

Also, he smells funny.

Even after resolving only to talk about the releases I personally find interesting (because, after all, the news itself isn’t that hard to find,) and even with the Virtual Console actually seeing a new old title released last week, I failed to mention anything at all. I could blame the shock of Nintendo’s stellar E3 lineup, but their conference didn’t take place until Tuesday. (I’ll blame Microsoft’s blatant Wii-cloning audacity instead.) Here’s a look at the downloadable games that caught my eye for the last two weeks.

Wednesday Bloody Funday: Is anyone out there?

VB Wario Land manual scan by Planet Virtual Boy,

Blame Wario for turning MBF into WBF.

That’s a joke, you see. Really I’m just lazy, and no Virtual Console game came out this week, and regardless of what else may have come out that’s always a quick way to get me to not care.

Anyway, here are the things that caught my eye on DSiWare and WiiWare this week:


Memorial Bloody Funday: Guns and Robots

In a lovely coincidence with today’s airing on Turner Classic Movies of a bunch of Clint Eastwood films, the Virtual Console sees the re-release of the SNES game Wild Guns, an Old West With Robots-themed third person shooting gallery game that I’d never heard of before but looks quite appealing. Somewhat like the Base levels from the original Contra, and similar to the arcade games Cabal and Blood Brothers. I can definitely dig it. It’s also 2 player simultaneous, with the two player characters being “Clint” and “Annie”- no prizes for guessing where those names came from.

And then there’s a whole mess of DSi- and WiiWare, and I’m going to talk about some of them but not all because that’s how I roll and the press release will be linked if you really care and okay hit the jump already.


MBF: I just downloaded light trax right before typing this

Art Style: light trax is definitely the highlight this week, as the first Art Style game to come out on WiiWare in a while it seems. It’s a remake/update of Dotstream from the progenitor bit Generations series of games on the GBA, with the slight twist of the playfield moving around in 3D. Basically it’s a racing game with a couple different styles of play, and I came in dead last just now on my first try so I’m looking at the operations guide. It’s 600 points like the previous Art Style games, unlike Bit.Trip Runner which I mistakenly assumed was 600 because the previous Bit.Trip games were 600. BTR is actually 800. My bad.


Monday Bloody Thursday: Oops

Sorry, Metal Gear ate my week. Go figure, because the Virtual Console finally returned this week!

MBF Lazy Wednesday Edition: Trilogical

Once again, no Virtual Console releases this week, although that doesn’t mean no old games came out. “Wait, what?” you might have just said. What I meant is: highlights this week include one port on WiiWare and one on DSi Ware of previously released games.


MBF: No Virtual Console = I don’t have much to say

Seriously, I hate these weeks. For all the great games already on the Virtual Console, zero game weeks just remind me of all the stuff that will never see a rerelease.

MBF: A Day Late, but Zero Dollars Short

Mega Man IV
came out in Europe on Friday, and the real version came out yesterday here in North America. That’s the highlight this week, though I don’t care since I have the Anniversary Collection and have grown accustomed to the backwards controls. In case anyone forgot, this is the one that introduced the charge shot, which by Mega Man V largely made the special weapons obsolete, as it handled all the bosses quite handily. I’d also like to say that I love this intro, and it was pretty impressive to me as a kid. You get to see Mega Man being created!


MBF: I don’t really care about DSi Ware

Yesterday, I finally got Ninja Five-O! For five-O dollars! It was a good day. I managed to beat it on Normal via a Gamefly rental a couple years ago, and I’m having a lot of fun going through it again and dying a lot because it is difficult, but seldom-if-ever in a frustrating or cheap way. It’s one of those perfectly executed games with a strong vision, with a handful of neat mechanics that are married to great level design that squeezes the mechanics for their full potential. Tight stuff.

Oh, hey, I guess downloadable games came out today.


Monday Bloody Funday: Everything Sounds Dirty If You Think Hard Enough

What is this smut Nintendo has made available for download this week?

Teehee, “hard enough.”

MBF: Showcase Showdown

WarioWare D.I.Y. hits the DS this week, and with it comes WarioWare, D.I.Y. Showcase for WiiWare. Featuring 72 premade microgames (different from the 90 included in the DS game…. I think,) the real focus is on using Showcase to… well, showcase microgames made with the full DS game on a larger screen, which also makes sharing creations with a group of friends in your living room a bit more sociable than huddling around a DS or handing it off from person to person. It also lets lazy bastards who don’t think they’ll ever take the time to create microgames spend 8 bucks to be able to play the ones made by friends and whatever ones Nintendo decides to make available, rather than plunk down $35 for the cartridge. Right now there’s not much to it since the DS game isn’t technically even out yet, but it should be worth the 800 points in the near future when people start making things.

But wait, there’s more!

Monday Bloody Funday: Grotto Tale

Cave Story is finally on WiiWare, and is the sole release on the Wii Shop Channel this week. And that’s just dandy. READ MORE

Monday Bloody Funday: RONDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood is already on my Wii as I type this. I downloaded it before I even got dressed. Rated by the ESRB and subsequently announced for release a few weeks back, one of the hardest (if not indeed the hardest)-to-obtain games in the Castlevania series is now obtainable for 900 Wii points, what with it being an import PCEngine CD game and all that.


Monday Bloody Funday: Fill my eyes with that double vision

The highlights this week are the classic Final Fantasy II (which is really IV, but everyone knows that story at this point) for the Super NES on Virtual Console, which I don’t yet own in some form, and Max & The Magic Marker on WiiWare, which has you drawing objects to overcome obstacles in a platformer. There’s one more particularly interesting release as well, just ahead!