Mega Man

Celebrate the Blue Bomber’s 25th Birthday With This Classy Print!

Hey, mega nerd. Are you still mega flipping the fuck out over the recent recent mega announcement that Mega Man will be mega appearing as a playable fighter in the next Smash Bros. game? Well then have I got the mega Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR code for you! This pattern features the bane of Dr. Wiley’s existence in all of his beautiful 8-bit pixelated glory. I toyed around with various background colors but nothing aside from the baby blue shade seemed to fit. Mega Man is just too damn adorable.

Want to See Some More Nintendo Flavored Japanese Woodprints? Well, Here They Are Anyway!

Click here for a large assed version

I gave you guys a heads up back in June about some very cool prints that Blogspot user Jed Henry tossed together and guess what? Lucky for us, the guy isn’t done yet. Apparently these beauties are all part of a year long plan that he hopes will culminate in enough pieces to potentially fill an actual published book. Well, that’s the plan anyway. This site will be featuring each new print as he posts them because I really do love this project and want to support it in any way that doesn’t involve donating money.

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Super Mario Metroid Mega Contravania Gaiden Bros. 2

So a little while back a guy named Jay Pavlina (alias Exploding Rabbit) created Super Mario Bros. Crossover, a fan-made replica of the classic sidescroller that lets players plow through the Mushroom Kingdom as Mario… or Mega Man or Samus Aran or Simon Belmont. Earlier this month he launched version 2.0 of Super Mario Bros. Crossover, and it is bigger and better in just about every conceivable way. See for yourself:

Click here to play it, or here to read up on the development of the game from the man himself. In-depth impressions after the jump!


Mega Man Zero Collection, announced in January for the Nintendo DS, finally has boxart, an official release date, and an official website as of today. The boxart is above, the release date is June 8th, and the official website is right here. There’s also a trailer, embedded after the jump.

Super Metroid Mega Mario Bros!?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never felt so frustrated while playing the original Super Mario Bros. that I wished I could whip out a fucking spread gun but apparently someone has. In Super Mario Crossover which hit the net today, you get the chance to run through the game using various “old school” characters.


MBF: A Day Late, but Zero Dollars Short

Mega Man IV
came out in Europe on Friday, and the real version came out yesterday here in North America. That’s the highlight this week, though I don’t care since I have the Anniversary Collection and have grown accustomed to the backwards controls. In case anyone forgot, this is the one that introduced the charge shot, which by Mega Man V largely made the special weapons obsolete, as it handled all the bosses quite handily. I’d also like to say that I love this intro, and it was pretty impressive to me as a kid. You get to see Mega Man being created!


Living The Dream

This is the 60th post on our little blog. I just wanted to say thank you for reading, and you’re all a bunch of sick motherfuckers.


Holy Fucking Shit, Blade Man’s stage is tough!


Fuck you.

MBF: Holy Fucking Shit, Mega Man 10 is out yesterday!

… and for all my hand-wringing, I broke down and bought it. That’s just how I am.

Hey, some other games are out, too!

Holy Fucking Shit, Mega Man 10 is out tomorrow!


All the news that’s fit to ignore

Or at least fit to postpone commenting upon until everyone’s already done talking about it.

Four times Zero = 4/22

Rockman Zero Collection

Capcom Japan today announced something I’d been expecting/hoping would happen eventually. On April 22nd they’ll be releasing a Rockman Zero collection for the Nintendo DS in Japan, containing all four of the Rockman Zero games that previously were released separately on the Game Boy Advance. The reason I said “Rockman” and not “Mega Man,” as the series is called in the rest of the world, is that as of right now there’s no announcement regarding a release outside of Japan. Little need to worry, though, as Mega Man is just behind Resident Evil and crack cocaine in the list of Capcom properties that people are compelled to buy whether they enjoy it or not. Besides being stupid by leaving money on the table, not bringing Mega Man Zero Collection to the US would be very strange for a company that just went through the trouble of localizing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, a rather decent-sized gamble. READ MORE