Mario Kart 7

This Just In…Shigeru Miyamoto Hates Sweet Little Toad:

Awww. Just look at 'im.

In a recent interview over at, the legendary creator goes on record as to who his favorite and least favorite characters are to play as in the Mario Kart series. The former is pretty obvious but the latter is actually kind of surprising:

Who’s your least favorite character?
Toad. [Laughs]

My favorite character is your least favorite character?
I understand that he has some popularity. Somehow.”


Pretty harsh words for the little guy. Check out the rest of the interview to find out who the favorite is along with a few tidbits on Skyward Sword and *GASP* Pikmin 3 (!!) by clicking right here.

Mario Kart 7 is Sooooo Goooood.

Let's Ride.

Let's Ride.

I’ve been playing this pretty much nonstop since Sunday and I love it. At first I was planning on 3-starring every cup before checking out the online interface but I abandoned that idea and hopped on last night. It’s pretty damn slick…a huge improvement over the Wii’s setup that’s for sure. I made a room for Shigeru’s List which is set at 150 cc with all items available. Standard stuff. The code for the room is:

06 – 3393 – 7200 – 6998

I’ll be on sometime between the hours of 10pm and 2am (PST) pretty much every night so hop in and show me what you’ve got!

Are You Ready, Nerds? Time to Start Your Engines!

Because Mario Kart 7 rolled onto store shelves today and yours truly just snagged a copy. The timing couldn’t be better as I finally managed to five-star Super Mario 3D Land last night. And the prize for my persistence and precision playing? A final “secret stage” that will likely join “The Perfect Run” from Super Mario Galaxy 2 as a blemish on an otherwise perfect save file. Sonuvabitch. ANYWAY, I was pretty hardcore into Mario Kart Wii so I’m excited to see what Nintendo has cooked up in the 3 years since that game’s release. I’m pretty bummed to see the bikes go but at least the tricks have been retained in the form of being mapped to the R shoulder button, replacing the Wii version’s (awesome) motion control. Time to stop yapping about it and start playing!

You should all run out and get yours probably!

Moist New Mario Kart 7 Track Previews

Mario Kart 7 is just a few short weeks away from gliding onto North American shores, and the warm, sticky preview videos just keep on gushing forth. This time we take a look at the steamy Star Cup, the luscious Leaf Cup and the bodacious Battle Tracks.

Mario and Luigi Crash the LA Auto Show

Super Reggie Kart

The Mario Bros. made a special appearance at the LA Auto Show, complete with life-size, game accurate replicas of their crazy, cartoony karts. Mario rolled in with his signature red kart, and Luigi pulled up in a sick bumblebee kart, with Reggie presumably there kicking names and taking ass. I think I got that last part right.

More Mario Kart Madness!

Mario Kart 7 flaunts two more cups like a no-good hussy. Come watch!

Mario Kart 7 Will be Mario Kart Heaven.

Mario Kart 7 is shaping up to be the best entry in the series, even for us bitter, black-hearted old farts that have been playing these games since they included Donkey Kong Jr. and Mode 7 graphics. Just take a look at the Mushroom and Shell Cups: