Gold Motion Plus

Woo! The S.S. Zelda Will Come Bundled With a Bunch of Extra Shit!

It looks like Nintendo’s arguably last major release for the Wii console will launch in 2 editions. The one pictured above includes the game (obviously), a soundtrack featuring orchestrated selections spanning the Zelda series and a “fancy-pants gold” Wii-mote plus controller (Motion + is required to play). It will retail at $69.99 which isn’t too shabby considering that the non “fancy-pants gold” Wii-motes cost $39.99 by themselves. The other stripped down “value” edition is listed at the standard $49.99 price tag but Nintendo has decided to include the soundtrack at no extra cost during the first run. That’s nice of them.

Sadly, no mention was made as to which version comes with the instruction booklet. I guess we’ll have to wait until November 20th when this thing hits store shelves to find out about that one.