I See What They Did There

Thanks, Lowlypeon.


Miyamoto was at the Spike VGAs…

… and this is all you pretty much need to know about tonight’s show.

(via Gyoru on the Something Awful Forums)

FYI Pokémon Black & White is on the way

Here have a new video with your old news:

Or rather, an old video with new captions (EDIT: which you’ll manually have to enable if viewing on this page… all this internet science is too much for my brain.)

Sorry I didn’t post the news earlier- I just couldn’t handle the motherfucking magnitude of that holy shit awesome shit.

(via Destructoid)

Bootleg NES games

This week’s Something Awful Photoshop Phriday comes up with a whole host of bootleg NES games (and one Genesis one.) The results are pretty amusing. What’s more, there are even a few videos, one of which got me laughing out loud something fierce, and is embedded after the so-called “jump.”