Thursday’s Download: Double Dribble 2: The Revenge.

Well, it looks like the Virtual Console is refusing to stay down for the count as yet another new title was added to the service today. That’s right, this means that the VC has been updated in some form or another for five straight weeks now, some kind of record to be sure. Today’s retro game is Double Dribble 2: The Revenge for the NES, Acclaim’s action fueled 2-player sequel to Konami’s classic NBA game. This entry marks a truly odd departure for the series, finding what we can only assume are two former professional basketball players on a quest to rescue someone’s girlfriend. Apparently these two guys are also martial arts masters as players will quickly find themselves administering every flavor of pain known to the Earth upon anyone unfortunate enough to walk past them on the sidewalk. It’s pretty simple stuff but a lot of fun and if you’ve got a buddy to play alongside, easily worth the five dollar admission.

To find out what other new games are now available to download on participating Nintendo systems, click right here to check out Nintendolife.com’s report. Oh and be sure and tell them, “Large Marge sent ya.

Abobo’s Big Adventure is out TODAY!

The wait is over!

Two and a half years since it was first publicly playable at the San Diego Comic-Con, Abobo’s Big Adventure has today finally been unleashed on an unwitting populace. The latest Flash game created by I-Mockery.com site founder -RoG- and his usual partners in crime, Abobo’s Big Adventure is a love-letter to a disturbing number of NES games (in fact, it’s subtitle is “The Ultimate Tribute to the NES!”), and I’ve personally only played the first two levels as of this post. The game follows Abobo from Double Dragon as You The Player control him in his quest to rescue his son, Aboboy (a new creation for this game.) The first level sees him in familiar territory, playing out as a beat-em-up on a city street (with characters from all sorts of games making appearances,) but gameplay wildly shifts from then on: for example, the second level is underwater and largely cribs its style from the underwater levels of Super Mario Bros. Play control is tight and the game is visually impressive, remaining true to the NES style while not being arbitrarily constrained to the limitations of the NES, thus allowing for creative liberties in the number of sprites/colors/etc.

The game is playable at abobosbigadventure.com, i-mockery.com, and Newgrounds.com, as you please. Click below for the trailer and a link to the “making of” post on I-Mockery.