Kid Icarus: Uprising. Don’t Call it a Comeback.

Because despite some heavy praise being piled on top of most of what the game has to offer, the universal criticism seems to be that there lie some deep flaws in the controls. You know, that one aspect of the video game medium that you have an active participation in? Even our old buddies at who have a tendency to play nice can’t completely sugarcoat the fact that Nintendo, a company synonymous with excellent and innovative play control dropped the ball with the on land portions of this game (which takes up a much greater chunk than the flying stages):

On the ground the controls are the same, with the exception that the stylus not only aims the reticule but also moves the camera with a small swipe. Initially both scenarios take some practice, particularly the camera control on land, and our early impressions were undoubtedly mixed. After a little while, however, it starts to feel more intuitive and natural, though for some there may be a nagging feeling that ground controls could have been smoother. While stylus aiming allows for excellent accuracy, the inclusion of face buttons as an aiming option, but not dual Circle Pad controls, is baffling.

Annnd that’s me out.

This assessment coupled with the fact that holding down L to fire while controlling Pit with the thumb pad translates into Kid Icarus: Uprising essentially being a game that can only be played by holding the system with one hand. Now doesn’t that simply scream discomfort? Yes, I know that Nintendo has included a plastic stand that supposedly helps alleviate this lack of foresight, but seriously? Take a look at the thing:

Fuck. This. Shit.

Not only does this black plastic crutch immediately strip the portable aspect of the 3DS away, more importantly can you imagine how fugly this thing would look like with that Godawful Circle Pad Pro attached to it? Jesus, is this a video game system or Voltron? I’m starting to get really anxious for a re-design before something terrible happens:

Personally, I’ve been skeptical about Uprising in general ever since I first laid eyes on it. Yeah it was cool to see Pit back in action after a 20 year hiatus, but the weird tone and questionable voice acting in every trailer released have done nothing to make me want to play it. Take that and add an apparent mess of a control scheme and I’m done. Hell, I’m more excited to check out the 1992 GameBoy sequel Of Myths and Monsters once it hits the 3DS virtual console.

I've never played you!

That and the upcoming 3D Classics remake of the NES original should be plenty to tide me over if I ever get a serious itch to play an Icarus game. And if not? Well, there’s always Sin and Punishment which Uprising appears to be more than slightly influenced by.

Kid Icarus:Uprising is available as of today at all finer children’s toy outlets.


  1. On March 23, 2012 Valerie says:

    My boyfriend bought the game and I would guess, based on your posts, that you would have similar opinions. He loves it. I’ll let him explain it: “The stuff about the controls is true, but it’s really just a matter of playing it for like an hour. And everything else in the game is so interesting, it feels like a game they didn’t hold back on. Every good idea you can think of to put into the game is in there.”

    He’s only really been complaining about his hand cramping. Another friend of his (who has been tiring of Nintendo lately) bought it too and he also loves it. So.. I don’t know.

  2. On March 23, 2012 Matt Ferrett says:

    My little brother and I sliced the shit out of our hands for the original Mario Party. I’ll deal with crampies for Kid Icarus.

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