- The Legend of Zelda: A Silver Arrow Anniversary -

2010 marked the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. for the NES and fans were understandably underwhelmed when Nintendo kinda, sorta, didn’t really go all out for the occasion. Sure, that limited edition red Wii system was snazzy, but the software “celebratory” release was sadly lacking. A fancy red box turned out to be little more than a shallow shell housing a 15 year old SNES port and a book/cd combo that offered barely even a slight glance at Super Mario’s rich platform history.

Super Mario’s Missed Opportunity.

So with the original Legend of Zelda reaching the same quarter century milestone this year, it’s fair to assume that Nintendo will most likely drop the ball again in terms of giving these franchises the real hard care and attention they deserve. Yes, I know that there’s the Ocarina of Time 3DS makeover around the corner and a whole new adventure awaiting players in Skyward Sword which will be hitting the Wii this holiday season, but I still can’t help but think that that’s nothing more than a nice coincidence in timing. While yeah, there have been hints that some kind of special release is in the works, the game’s anniversary in Japan already passed back in February and there still haven’t been any official announcements made.

How about a solid gold one of these for this year’s Club Nintendo platinum status members? We know who we are.

The reason that I’m posting this I guess is because I recently have been playing the holy hell out of the original Zelda on the Virtual Console and have been turning over in my head just what a huge fucking deal it was as a kid back in the 80′s. It wasn’t the type of game that you picked up for a speed run or to kick your buddy’s ass at. That battery backed save feature translated to commitment. This was a full-on world to be explored with secrets waiting to be bombed out of every mountainside and monsters at every turn just waiting to knock your ass into an end screen. This was the real shit, man – and the desire to save Princess Zelda and the land of Hyrule was some serious pressure to throw onto the shoulders of a grade schooler. I can clearly remember when a good friend of mine even famously (at least in our elementary school) wrote to Nintendo themselves while stressed out of his mind because he didn’t even believe the red ring existed in the final dungeon!

Spoiler Alert: It does.

Y’know…I’m ashamed to admit this, but while I can blow through the original NES incarnation in a couple of hours now, back then I owned that cart for nearly four goddamned years before I finally saw and defeated Ganon. And even then it was without managing to collect every item and heart tank. But the feeling of that accomplishment as a 9 year old has never left my memory. I love The Legend of Zelda series with all of my heart and to be honest, it’s probably one of the biggest reasons that this site even exists. And yeah, the passionate excitement for each new entry has naturally dwindled with time and age but it has far from disappeared completely. No matter how umm, shall we say familiar the mechanics have become. The Zelda titles have always been hands down my favorite video games to play even moreso than those starring Super Mario. I just want Nintendo to learn from the general disappointment of last year’s anniversary box and go all out by showing Link and his pals a fraction of the love that his fans have had for him the majority of their entire lives.

Just please, no “Triforce Gold” edition Wii. I still have no idea how I’m going to afford a 3DS.


  1. On April 09, 2011 John Barnes says:

    Call me when you beat Zelda II.

  2. On April 11, 2011 Ray Gabriel says:

    You’re a mad man.

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