Monday, Bloody Funday: You Say Tomato, I Say Tomena!

Amazon's lightning deals yesterday made me snicker. I actually said to a friend "I hope Princess Tomato comes to VC on Monday so I have an excuse to use this image on the site." I was absolutely delighted this morning.

My mind is in the gutter.

Four WiiWare titles, five DSiWare, and one Virtual Console title this week. Gosh!

Blaster Master Overdrive arrives as revealed/unconcealed, a surprise reprise of the bombastic classic. Sunsoft’s comeback is recent, decent. Hey look, a video!

The other notable WiiWare game is Tomena Sanner, an exceedingly simple yet addictive little game from Konami that I’ve already downloaded and on which I’ve reached the top of the leaderboards! Doubtless I’ve been dethroned in the time it’s taken me to write this, but fuck it, I have PROOF!

You play a Japanese salary man who runs past obstacles, and all you do is press the A button with good timing. It’s like a slice of WarioWare blown up into a full (though small) game. Don’t expect a review- then you shall be pleasantly surprised when I do review it. Here’s a video of my mad skills:

The other two WiiWare games are Bloons, a balloon-popping puzzle gaZzzzzzzzz…… *snork* Uh, oh, and Hubert The Teddy Bear Winter Games. There are things I could say, but honestly I can’t bring myself to care.

The Virtual Console sees Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom, an NES first-person RPG with one of the greatest titles ever. I’ve never played it, but word on the street is it’s pretty decent!

DSiWare has another Sudoku game and

As usual, full press release from Nintendo that fails to mention which games are total shit.

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