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It’s All Mario Kart 8 All the Time Up in HURR!

You know what? To Hell with an official review of Mario Kart 8. I’d been writing that thing on and off since the game’s release date and I just can’t look at it anymore. Long story short: I LOVE this fucker, and outside of tending to very basic survival behavior it is all I do anymore. All cups have been three starred, all ghostly time trial records shattered and plenty of ass-whipping has been administered and received online. So to inject a little life into Shigeru’s List here (which I have big plans for soon), I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite personal highlight reels from the past couple of months.


Oh Hey, I Have This Site Too! Please Enjoy Some Nintendo-Related Information:

Hideous kid faces aside, this clip from some show I’ve never heard of and will never watch definitely hits some serious nostalgia buttons. It can’t possibly come as a surprise to the three of you that frequent this site that yours truly has an undying affection for Punch-Out!! (specifically in its original arcade incarnation). As a young boy, I used to play the Hell out of the cabinet that was tucked away in my hometown Chuck E. Cheese. I just hope I didn’t have the same Godawful expression plastered across my mug. There are some other nice touches to this scene that includes plenty of familiar (to old people) games but I’m going to go ahead and call out one massive oversight about the set design here. What’s up with that carpet? That shit should be covered in unidentifiable stains and cigarette burns. Oh and it should be solar system themed as well, I mean come on.

BEHOLD! The Fifth Year of Shigeru’s List is Upon Us!

And I promise I’ll start posting again as soon as possible! Real life has been super hectic since the holidays and I haven’t had much time left over to play any video games let alone sit down and try/fail to come up with snarky jokes about them. That poor Link Between Worlds cartridge has been sitting in my 3DS untouched for weeks now! AYE, I’m so out of the loop. Nintendo is still cool right? In the meantime thank you for all of the support this past near half decade.

This is all for you <3

Christmas 2013: A Tale From the Darkside to Terrify and Delight!

Well, ladies and nerds: I’m calling it for 2013 and taking a much needed break from writing to observe the holidays for the rest of December. And by “observe” I really mean suffering through yet another trip back to my hometown. I can’t wait to spend the next week or so avoiding going outside unless I absolutely have to so I don’t run into the hundreds of people I have no desire to see. On the plus side, I’ll be staying with close friends and they have an awesome fireplace to cozy up next to. Oh, and there’s a Long John Silvers near the house. I’ve got it bad for those little hush puppies. I’ll probably pop in on Christmas day and post an image or something, but until then consider this post my official “Happy Holidays” to the lot of you.

Time to yap about some scary stuff.

This Luigi’s Mansion Statuette is EATING AWAY AT MY SOUL.

The Nintendo Direct that aired a couple days ago revealed a lot of cool new stuff but the Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon diorama pictured above was arguably the coolest. This bad boy is available as a preorder right now through Club Nintendo however there’s one terrible detail. Once logged in, you’ll be greeted with the fact that it’s tagged with a massive 1,500 coin asking price! I mean, come on now Nintendo that’s just…ugh, WHAT THE FUCK? That’s an intense number of products that need to be purchased and surveys to be filled out to afford the thing. I should know, since I was a mere 100 coins shy of that amount before ordering that red XL charging cradle for 500 coins!

*runs crying into oncoming traffic*

Christmas 2013: Let’s Watch Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)!

Well screw it. As a result of how much I enjoyed watching Christmas Evil earlier this month, I’ve decided to give another Holiday Horror “Classic” that I’ve never seen before a shot and this time I’m going high profile. As far as Christmas slashers are concerned, you really can’t top a Santa with an ax and to tell the truth I actually have always been intrigued by this one. When I was a kid I used to stare at that VHS box art for what felt like hours in the video store, scanning the pics and reading the snyopsis on the back over and over again. I love scary movies and Halloween and all that, but there’s always been something about the above image that felt truly disturbing to the 6 year old me. Like “Holy Fuck, I really hope I didn’t piss off Santa this year.” So now, tonight on this glorious December edition of Friday the 13th, it’s time to sit back and finally have a look at Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Let’s get this disappointment over with.

This Very Merry Nintendo Christmas Commercial From 1989 is Sure to Bring Some Warmth to Your Crooked Little Heart.

A MASSIVE thanks to Matt over at Mummy Shark for sharing this on his tumblr page today. Overlooking the fact that this is an advertisement for Pepsi instead of Coca-cola, I’d say that everything happening during these 31 seconds is just about perfect. I can’t believe I’d never seen this before or if I did, forgot all about it. I can’t stop watching, it is just so good.

And the Year of Luigi Rolls On! R.I.P. Danny Wells.

Sad news today as we here at Shigeru’s List can confirm that actor Danny Wells passed away this week at the age of 72. Perhaps best known as “Not Captain Lou Albano, that other guy,” Wells made up the green half of the Super Mario Bros. during their short lived Super Show. A series that ran from September 4 to December 1, 1989 and is fondly remembered amongst man-children for showing Zelda cartoons instead of Mario ones each Friday. It is unknown at this time whether Wells was able to 100% Super Mario 3D World before his passing, or if the attempt is indeed what killed him.

Watch your back, Leguizamo.

Christmas 2013: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Evil (1980)!

Now before all three of you get too excited, listen: No, I have absolutely no intention of writing up Holiday Horror flicks all throughout this month the way I do each October. At least I don’t think that’s gonna happen. But who knows? Until we find out, consider this write-up a one-off because to be totally honest, scary Christmas movies are a subgenre I’m really not all that familiar with and haven’t been compelled by in the past. Not to sound like a prude, but the idea of introducing slashers or monsters into the season has always felt a bit tacky to me. I guess I like my Christmas time like I like my women: Cheerful, generous and three weeks out of the month. But screw it. I’m giving this mixture a shot tonight with Christmas Evil. A movie that I’ve never seen before but have heard plenty of positive things about.

Let’s get those fingers crossed!

Curious What I Have to Say About This Fancy New Mario Game?

Of course you are! So please, hop on over to Nintendorks where you can read my full review of Nintendo’s biggest holiday release for the Wii U. Spoilers: I liked it quite a bit!

Happy Birthday Wii U! You’re a Whole Year Old Today!

And I plan on celebrating this glorious milestone by…

By uhhh…

By continuing to use it as a Netflix player while I wait for Super Mario 3D World.

3DS eShop REVIEW: Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of George Taikai.

When the original Jett Rocket appeared as a Wii Ware download back in 2010, I had lots of nice things to say about it. It was a simple, old fashioned run ‘n jump game with a solid feel and absolutely gorgeous texture work. I really dug it. Despite being a little on the short side and kind of bland, there was something about that generic quality which really seemed to work in its favor. Jett Rocket displayed charming modesty in spades but really, it was just nice to have a new installment in the 3D platforming genre which the great Super Mario 64 kicked off (and has sadly since been all but abandoned from the modern gaming scene). So when I found out that a sequel was in the works and this time for the 3DS, I knew I’d be drunkenly typing in my credit card number on or around its day of release. And wouldn’t you know it? That’s exactly what happened. Now after having made my way through the game, how is it? Is Jett Rocket II a worthy successor to something that was pretty good?

Let’s see what I have to say.

Hey, This New Darn Zelder Game Looks Pretty Good!

Well hellooo people! As you may have noticed, I’ve been M.I.A. for a bit this month and that’s mostly due to the 9 days of vacation time I spent wearing pajamas and watching Gremlins 2 on repeat. But with Christmas now rearing its jolly noggin’ and some major games from Nintendo lining up to hit store shelves in the coming weeks, there’s too much happening to ignore! Too much! Starting today with this new commercial for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the 3DS. A sequel to the classic SNES installment A Link to the Past, here’s a title nobody realized they’d been waiting all their lives for. Taking on a retro art style, Link’s new overhead adventure introduces a pretty neat little gameplay mechanic that allows him to-ah hell, just watch it will ya!

Club Nintendo’s Colorful 3DS XL Cradles Have Come and Gone!

At the asking price of 500 coins a pop, five different flavors of XL charging docks hit Club Nintendo yesterday and within only a few hours, the entire supply was snatched up! These things are admittedly not all that big a deal since a standard black version has been available to purchase from Nintendo’s site for a while now. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see which one would become rare and thus the most desirable for collectors somewhere down the line. Of the selection, my money was on yellow but since they’re all gone I guess that means one won’t be more sought after than the next? We’ll see. In any case I set my alarm and was able to put in the order for red to match my system and received an email this morning confirming these bad boys have already been shipped!

Time to set up a tent out by the old mailbox.